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Jobs & Economy

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation because of the vast opportunities available to our citizens. This didn’t happen by accident. Our Republican Legislature created the framework for economic success by keeping taxes low, regulations light, and government small. Recently, we passed the largest tax cut in state history so Arizonans could keep more of their hard-earned money.

We’ve made huge investments in education so employers relocating to Arizona have a well-trained and educated labor pool to fill high-paying jobs. We need to continue embracing free enterprise and economic freedom so our kids can be the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Border Security

The situation on the border is a disaster. The Biden Administration intentionally rescinded all of President Trump’s policies creating an open border and humanitarian crisis. Now they are going after Title 42. 

As your State Senator, I will support any policy that secures our border, provides more resources to law enforcement, and stiffens penalties on illegal activity. As your Chairwoman of the Health and Human Services Committee, I understand the volume of drugs and fentanyl coming across is in crisis mode. I have experience in this fight and will continue to enact policies that protect our children.

Legal immigration has been a bedrock principle of this country, but we cannot allow our borders to be a sieve. Arizona needs to use all the tools at our disposal to control the border until the federal government gets serious about its job.

Election Integrity

One of my top priorities is to restore confidence and integrity to our elections. I have worked with my caucus on dozens of election reform bills over the last few years so Arizonans can trust their elections were fair and accurate. I will never waiver on voter ID requirements, and we should crack down on cases of voter fraud. Democracy doesn’t work unless people can trust the results of their elections.


Water Planning

As we remain in a drought, Arizona lawmakers should always be planning for a long-term water supply. I helped pass the bipartisan Drought Contingency Plan to establish water allotment for seven western states. With a Lake Mead shortage recently being declared by the federal government, it is time for bold action to make sure Arizonans can continue to count on affordable, potable water supplies. My experience on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association makes me a leader on the issue as we secure our water future. I believe everything is on the table from sensible groundwater management policies to desalination.


The Year of the Parent. Our children’s future, the success of our state, and our economic vitality rely heavily on teaching our kids the skills they need to become productive adults. Unfortunately, pernicious ideologies are creeping into the classroom. As your Legislator, I’ve fought to ban critical race theory, expand school choice options, and keep indoctrination out of our classrooms. We’ve made large investments in education and if schools are going to teach our students divisive curriculum, we need to give parents and students options to find new education opportunities including charter, private, or homeschooling.


We have many great teachers in Arizona and those that prioritize teaching our kids the skills and lessons to be successful adults should be rewarded.

2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. This is a personal issue for me as I’ve been held up at gunpoint in my store. Every law abiding American has the Constitutional right to defend their life and property. Arizona needs to stand up and defend the 2nd Amendment from Biden’s gun grabbing policies.


Pro-life & Religious Freedom

As a Christian, I am pro-life and support religious freedom. Unborn children deserve the same rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. American citizens’ right to worship without government interference is protected by the 1st Amendment.


Arizona’s long-thriving agriculture history is one of the cornerstones of our economy, particularly in rural counties. Due to advancements in technology, water efficiency, and infrastructure, Arizona’s agriculture sector can export produce well beyond our borders. Arizona’s BIG THREE – Cattle, Cotton, and Citrus have branched out into many other enterprises creating a livelihood for many rural residents.

Veterans & Military Bases

My grandfather gave his life for our great country, so the military and veterans’ issues are personal to me. I led the charge to wave occupational licensing fees for our veterans and their spouses, exempting veteran pensions from income tax, and helped save Luke Air Force Base from being closed and saving the F-35 program. As a Goodyear resident, you never get tired of hearing the sound of freedom as jets fly around Luke Air Force Base.