As your legislator, I’ve worked hard to make Arizona better. 
Here are a few of my accomplishments:

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Largest tax cut in state history saving taxpayers $1.9 billion

  • Took Arizona from $1 billion deficit to nearly $1.5 billion rainy-day fund

  • Paid off $1.25 billion pension debt saving $120 million ongoing

  • Provided $330 million in property tax relief in FY23


  • Added 152,500 jobs since 2021 recovering 114% of jobs lost from the pandemic

  • Unemployment fell from 6.1% to 3.2% in the same timeframe

  • Unemployment insurance claims fell 81% since 2021

  • GDP grew 6.2% in 4th quarter of 2021

Border Security

  • Invested $560 million in Border Security in FY23 budget

  • Increased penalties for human smuggling

  • Invested $335 million to Build the Wall

  • Works with Border Patrol to combat fentanyl and child trafficking

  • Invested $15 million to transfer illegal immigrants out of Arizona

Water Planning

  • Passed Drought Contingency Plan

  • Invested $1 billion in water initiatives over the next three years

  • Bold measures for the future of Arizona water

  • Served on Arizona Municipal Water Users Association – Experience Matters on this important issue

Election Security

  • Required ID at Early Voting Centers

  • Required Federal Only Voters to provide proof of citizenship

  • Banned same-day voter registration

  • Cleaned voter rolls


  • Widened I-17 & I-10

  • Expanded rural broadband

  • Invested $1 billion in transportation infrastructure projects for FY23

I’d put my record of Republican results up against any candidate! 


  • Passed the largest voucher expansion in the country Funded School

  • Resource Officers and Counselors Increased funding for good teachers and public schools

  • Voted to ban Critical Race Theory

  • Voted to ban transgender students from participating in women’s sports

Public Safety

  • Endorsed by the Arizona Police Association and Goodyear Police Association

  • Banned close range recordings of police officers

  • Raised pay for Department of Public Safety Personnel

Health Care

  • Increased access to telemedicine

  • Spearheaded the effort to address the doctor and nursing shortage

  • Eliminated the freeze on KidsCare enrollment so vulnerable children could receive care

  • Sponsored legislation to expand diabetes care

Arizona Values

  • Voted to ban abortion after 15 weeks

  • Voted to protect religious freedom

  • Voted to protect the 2nd Amendment from the Biden Administration


  • Exempted retired military pay from income taxes

  • Established Tuition Scholarship Fund for military spouses

  • Sponsored and passed waiver for state occupational licensing fees for military spouses and new veterans

I don’t just talk the talk. I produce results for the citizens of Arizona.